Bewitched Breaks

One Witch One Guide Makes One Holiday Truly Magical

  A little about Allison and Mary

Allison Beldon-Smith is the witch of Talog, a gifted healer and talented weaver of magic. She is a hybrid of Granny Weatherwax , Nanny Ogg, and Professor Sprout; not scary but according to her children ‘officially strange’.

She will be your mentor in the Way of the Witch, your guide in the realms of ‘other world’.

Mary Baker runs the successful Welsh company Archaeotours and has had years of experience providing clients with wonderful holidays. She makes a habit of spoiling her customers and will make every effort to ensure your stay is exactly what you and your group are looking for.
A long term resident of West Wales Mary’s knowledge of locations and accommodation is unbeatable, as is her ability to cook great meals and shake up a fair cocktail or two.

Allison and Mary believe ancient wisdom is the hope of the future; that the rekindling of amazonic sisterhood will weave a global web of Goddess love to heal this ailing world.

 Why Allison and Mary

Allison Beldon Smith

Hi I’m Allison, an archaeologist and classicist with an MA from the University of Wales, Lampeter. I am also a Pagan Minister, the Seer of Talog known locally as ‘Talogwitch’, and an Earth Healer who through the transition to cronehood has realized it is time to teach rather than to do; my spirit guides tell me now is the time to pass on the knowledge, for there are many seekers willing to listen, and wanting to learn, and yet very few genuinely knowledgeable mentors.

Please contact us at;

 Mary Baker

Mary Baker has lived in Pembrokeshire for over 25 years and has been welcoming guests through her company Archaeotours for over 5 of those years. Mary has a B.A. Hons University of Wales degree in Archaeology and is interested in life in Prehistoric Wales, so she knows where all the secret stone circles and burial chambers can be found. For many years she ran her own guest house and she is particularly keen to ensure that guests are well looked after and that arrangements run smoothly. Mary understands that your stay with us is important to you and time is precious so will worry about the details for you to make your stay as perfect and comfortable as possible.

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