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 Breaks for Women 

We offer meaningful and special experiences for women. Perhaps you are about to get married, have a child, or just need some time out to do something different and rewarding then look no further than Bewitched Breaks
We would love to have you join us for what will be a truly unforgetable weekend, exploring the wonderful and mystical world of witches and magic.

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Hen Weekends with a Difference

The word "Hen" has a few different meanings, here in Wales it means the same as 'sage', to be old and wise, the Hen (woman) of ancient bardic tales was the wise woman. From the Anglo Saxon  the word 'witch'  means the same,  to be a woman with her wits about her, a wise woman; hence it is not surprising that  woman have been referred to as 'Hens' for many years.  So come and be the "Hen" that you were meant to be;  bring your friends to have an experience of a life time learning to become wise women, together reclaim the ancient right to be witches.

Perhaps there are going to be profound changes occurring in your life or maybe you just feel there is something missing, something lost or forgotten. Take this opportunity to recharge your batteries, to heal and replenich 'self' through harmony of mind body and soul in the cmpany of  "sisters" sharing a sisterhood riven in blood and pulled by the moon; come and have a "Hen Weekend" in Wales. This break will allow you and your friends to celebrate and commemorate the life stage you leave behind and joyously embrace the next  stage  you are embarking upon.


Escape the Mundane

And Spend A Magical Weekend

Bonding With Your "Sisters"

My Amazon Self 

AS modern day woman we live in a constantly competitive environment; not only as women forced to function in a man's world, unfortunately this competitiveness also exists between fellow women, which in my opinion is not a natural state of mind. Most women long for the closeness of our sisters, a instinctive bond that has been culturally suppressed for thousands of years.

In antiquity much evidence indicates that it was the matriarchs who were the leaders of their tribes; women were respected and held in esteem within society.  To be gifted with the magic of birth indicated that there was a Divine connection, we were the embodiment of miracle, our bodies the strong vortex of creation and our voices worth listening to for we were Goddess linked.  In those days there was no gender rivalry, men did not patronized women by implying that in general our sex were emotional, illogical and irrational.

Often during meditation whilst in a lucid trance I have dreamed that I am running through a thick dark forest along with many of my tribal sisters, and we are hunting some kind of four legged creature. During the chase as I run I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and the adrenaline pumping through my whole body, I am completely aware that our hunt is solely female; we would catch glimpses of one another and smile; women running free, unfettered, uninhibited, each free to be as our individual blue-print of creation intended, being true to ourselves so long as it harmed no others.

From the hunt the dream skipped and suddenly my sisters and I were back in our modest village, surrounded by a thick dark forest...... our strong little huts set close circled with entrances inwards to protect us from wild creatures and attack. It was night and the men were cooking the days kill, over a roaring fire. Myself present and myself past momentarily mesh, I shudder as my aversion to killing embraces a past inherent understanding, for my Amazon self knows the necessity of taking life to sustain life. There are a group of villagers playing different types of crafted instruments and to their inspired music we dance around the fire together laughing and singing. In total abandonment I free myself, I know no embarrassment; this feeling of freedom is so beautiful that sometimes makes my true self cry as I lay there in my world between worlds.

My mind has created a whole world for me over the years, for me to go to when I need it and over the years my tribe has experienced changed, both expanded and lost many of my surreal loved ones; it is a world where I have no inhibitions, I'm totally free to love, laugh and live.

Some of you will be wondering why I have done this, other on contemplation find today's civilized society far more preferable than wild antiquity! Do not be mistaken, I still love our present day world, and am grateful for many aspects of scientific advancement, but this progression has come at a terrible price, and I frequently long for the comradery of my Amazon sisters, a whole group of woman bonded in Goddess sisterhood.

Most of you who are reading this are familiar with the hit TV series "Sex in the City", I think all of you know why I mention this right now, although the relationships of these four woman has evolved to fit today's civilized society, the popularity of the show is because its female audience also longed for similar sisterhood relationships.

In the last season I read an article about the show, the result of information gleaned from hundreds of focus groups over the year. 95% of the woman who watched the show loved it because of the friendship of the cast and identified with their persona types, matching their own and those of their friends with the different characters in the show. Sadly 89% of the woman admitted that they only had one or two similar friendships and wished they were like the friendships in the show, highlighting the fact that in this present age many women lack the support and safety-net provided by true friendship.

I used this show to illustrate that there is still an inherent need and desire for sisterhood friendship amongst us even though many woman do not care to admit to wanting it or that they miss simple school day comradery; perhaps their reluctance is born of a desire not to show female weakness within a male world, showing just how brain washed they have become, allowing a male driven society to dis-empower women.

Bewitched Breaks was conceived by Allison and Mary because it is time for women to know their true inherent worth, to stop being brain-washed; in my opinion it provides an opportunity to bond with your friends, become the sister's that you want to be and deserve to be. During a Bewitched Break you are guided in the ancient ways, taught how to awaken ancient memories, and to accept and embrace one's natural self. The environment is one of support and solidarity, where women of all ages can lovingly bond with one another.

Taking on one of these breaks with your girl friends ensure to be a memorable and life altering. Take a moment and email Allison or Mary to discuss what kind of amazing adventure they can offer that appeals to you; put yourself, and the women you love, into their experienced hands and come home changed, able to see your life through enlightened eyes. Life will be richer for the experience, knowing that no matter what each day brings you will not have to face it alone, you have all of your sisters to share both your laughter or your tears.

Written By Jennifer Busato in loving thought of Allison and Mary. Thank you both for being my sisters. Edited by Allison Beldon-Smith

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